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Blogger templates SEO friendly B-Seo V1 I created this for those of you who are steeped in science seo blogspot. I created this template is simple and is great for SEO optimization. Template B-Seo V1 is not using large-size images. Your blog will not feel heavy and are very lightweight. I created this template within 2 days and it is time enough to make me tired. If you have already downloaded this template, please remove the links which exist in the template credit.

H2 Blogger template Seo friendly B-Seo v1

Blogger template Seo friendly B-Seo v1 This stems from an idea who would love to have a quality blog. Of course, in the hope of bringing more visitors. Visitors do not need you refer, you just enough SEO to optimize your blog. These templates will help you fulfill your SEO blog. Once again I emphasize, do not remove the credit link on the template. I created this template for your free download. And even then with difficulty in order to create a quality template.
This is an example blockquote from this template. certainly how it looks nice and simple. Blockquote is enough to make your blog unique and interesting. Blockquote is made ​​different between background articles and blockquote

H3 Blogger template Seo friendly B-Seo v1

Blogger Template Seo friendly B-seo v1 Dies ergibt sich aus einer Idee, die Liebe zu einem Qualitäts-Blog haben würde. Natürlich in der Hoffnung, mehr Besucher. Besucher brauchen Sie nicht finden, müssen Sie nur genug SEO in Ihrem Blog zu optimieren. Diese Vorlagen werden Ihnen dabei helfen Ihre SEO-Blog. Noch einmal betone ich, entfernen Sie nicht die Kredit-Link auf der Vorlage. Ich habe diese Vorlage für den kostenfreien Download. Und auch dann nur mit Mühe, um zu schaffen ein Qualitätsprodukt Vorlage.

Template Blogger Seo Friendly B-Seo V1

Template Blogger Seo Friendly B-Seo V1

The advantages of this template B-Seo V1 are:

  • SEO Friendly
  • H1 in the header and post title
  • Equipped with a description and keyword Meta Tags automatically
  • Auto read more
  • Maximal Seo on page
  • Minimal images (Blog will feel lighter if you use this template)
  • Equipped with a unique Breadcrumb
  • Right widget with width 330px
  • Equipped with automatic Related Articles
  • Share the best bookmarking feature
  • Widgets for Ads


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